April is National Pet Month in the UK, and West Midlands housing association Bromford is marking the occasion by sharing their top tips for moving house with pets.

Catherine Jarrett, Director of Sales and Marketing at Bromford, said: “At Bromford, we understand that pets are part of the family, which is why we wanted to share some tips to help them feel more comfortable during what can be a particularly stressful process for them.”


1.    Keep their routine the same

In the run up to the move, it is important not to make big changes to your pet’s routine. Whilst packing, try to stick to the same meal, walk and grooming times so as not to cause unnecessary stress.

2.    Use calming scents

Both cats and dogs respond strongly to pheromones, so making use of scents that make your pet feel calm is a great option. These can come in the form of diffusers or be attached to your pet’s collar. Whichever option you use, it is best to start 24 hours before big changes like packing begin.

3.    Set up a safe area

On moving day, be sure to unpack your pets’ things first and find them a secure area where they can relax away from all the commotion. Having this area set up before they enter the home will also help them feel more assured, as they will recognise the smells from the previous home.

4.    Allow them explore

Once the home is secure and the commotion has died down, it is time to allow your pet to explore their new home. Your pet will feel more comfortable if there are lots of things that smell familiar throughout, so try to place some items at their level. You can also make use of the calming scents and accompany them as they walk through the house.

5.    Allow for accidents

Even if you take all precautions to make your pet comfortable, changing their environment will still be confusing for them at first and they are likely to have a few accidents in the new home. Avoid reprimanding them and instead reinforce toilet training, either by taking them outside regularly or showing them the litter box.

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