The trending ‘Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic’ transports people back to classic Nancy Meyes films, with a nod to nostalgic cooking and coastal vibe interiors. No matter where you live, you can create an interior where you can almost feel the ocean breeze.

Originating from a viral TikTok video, the trend is inspired by flowing coastal atmosphere, handwritten recipes, delicious cooking, and snug linen and rattan interiors.

Popular with Gen Z and millennials, it’s the perfect way to add cosy, chic and nostalgic comfort into the home and wardrobe.

Swedish wall art brand, Desenio has a range of prints perfect for bringing home the Coastal Grandmother aesthetic. With a variety of peaceful art choices, including timeless images, beautiful crisp landscapes and seaside themed prints, there’s something to suit everyone’s interior taste. Here are some tips for bringing the Coastal Grandmother trend to your home this summer.

Ensuring you incorporate calming and peaceful colours through your wall art is key for this trend. Combined with the white backdrop, layer colour and textures in neutral tones like cream, beige, soft browns, and greens to add depth and a sense of escapism to the wall space. The Beach Stairs Poster by Desenio brings calm not only through its subject, but also through its muted colours.

The trend is all about creating a space for guests to feel relaxed and comfortable. Embrace the summer breeze by switching dark elements for lighter shades, to turn the natural light into a focal point. Adding sumptuous accessories in linen and rattan fabrics will transform the room into a natural, beach paradise and add a blissful vibe to any room.

The Morning Beach Poster by Desenio embodies the feeling of a space being relaxed and content, perfect for cleansing the mind and soul. As with many interior trends, the finishing touches are key.

When it comes to dressing the walls with art, there are a variety of styles which fall under the Coastal Grandmother aesthetic. From living nature prints featuring grazing fields, blossoming flowers and ceramic vases to boho, abstract prints, these immediately lend the room a relaxed and soothing feel that is at the heart of the trend.

The White Blooming Beach Gallery Wall would be a great addition to a home that offers ample amounts of comfort – adding a fresh, clean, and peaceful aesthetic to the home.


Annica Wallin, Executive Creative Director at Desenio said: “Bring the Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic to life by embracing elevated simplicity: the trend is about going back to basics, but with a touch of off-duty opulence. Choose beach prints to bring a chic seaside vibe to your home, no matter where you live.”

For homes looking for wall art with a bit more heat, Desenio’s new photo collection, Studio Eos, helps shoppers dive into a Mediterranean dream where slow living lets you cleanse your mind and find peace in the little moments.