Helena Rubinstein introduced Michelle Yeoh as its new brand partner from February, 2024. 

The collaboration is an unprecedented encounter, seamlessly merging the avant-garde beauty brand's pioneering spirit with Michelle's inspiring journey. Mirroring Madame Rubinstein's life journey, Miss Yeoh embodies the brand's values of determination, self-belief, audacity, and resilience. 

A remarkable Oscar-winning actress, she is renowned as 2022 Time magazine icon of the year, is serving as a UN Goodwill ambassador, elected as 2024 International Olympic Committee Member, and is recognized globally as an exceptional role model for women. Through her inspiring speeches, Michelle Yeoh joins Helena Rubinstein in celebrating women and empowering them to be their most radiant, independent, and confident selves. 

This exciting new partnership, rooted in Madame Helena Rubinstein's timeless legacy and Michelle Yeoh's inspiring journey, reaffirms the brand's commitment to inventing beauty that empowers women to reach new heights. "Madame Rubinstein chose her own destiny, and she achieved things no one would have believed possible,” she said. 

“Her story resonates with me. There is something very natural and obvious for me to join a brand that celebrates the unparalleled strength and radiant confidence that lies within every woman."

The first brand campaign with Michelle Yeoh is set to be revealed.