DogBuddy, Europe’s leading community for quality and affordable dog care services, has today revealed that thousands of pet dogs will be off enjoying their own holiday this summer (three times more than last year) with an experienced, insured dog sitter, whilst their owners jet off to sunnier climes.

According to research commissioned by DogBuddy*, the average holiday stay for beloved furry friends across Europe is around one week during the summer period, with some lucky pups being treated to a longer stay of up to three or four weeks.

A whopping 86 percent of Londoners said they will be travelling abroad this summer, with 38 percent heading for the beach and 27 percent opting for a city break.

In the UK, 35 percent of dog owners are giving their dog more than a week’s holiday, compared with over half (54 percent) of the impassioned Italians, who also leave their dog for longer than most other European countries, with 21 percent taking a two-week summer break.

The data also revealed that over three quarters of DogBuddy’s dog owners can find their perfect dog sitter located within a 5-mile radius, making their pre-holiday pet plans more convenient by relieving the stress of finding a dog care solution before booking. DogBuddy estimated that 85 percent of dog owners registered to the platform can find a sitter within a 15 minute walking distance.

Marc Abraham, TV Vet and Founder of Pup Aid comments: “It's so important to have dog sitters and dog boarders these days, because you can be sure that your dog is getting mental and physical stimulation - both essential for a dog’s welfare and wellbeing. Companies like DogBuddy make it easy for dog owners to trust that their dog is being looked after as well as they would look after it themselves.”

With the relaxation of pet travel regulations**, many people in the UK and Ireland now take their pets to continental Europe for the family summer holiday. However, it has been proven countless times that leaving a dog to sit in a hot car is a health hazard, and flying with a pup is even worse.

Richard Setterwall, Co-founder and CEO of DogBuddy comments: “Recently, there have been several sad incidents of dogs suffering from being left in hot vehicles, or even importing a disease from another country, whilst their family have been on holiday.

“At DogBuddy, our aim is to make dog ownership flexible and easier than ever, by providing a safe, comfortable alternative to caged Kennels, as well as helping to reduce the risk involved with dog travelling. With our ‘Home-from-Home Dog Boarding’ service and abundance of dog-loving families on the platform, we ensure minimal disruptions to the dog’s environment and daily routines, as well as plenty of human interaction, enabling them to enjoy their holiday to the fullest.”

DogBuddy has complied a holiday checklist for the cuddly canines:

  •    Bathing pants
  •    Sunglasses
  •    Favourite treats & toys
  •    Dog bones
  •    Dog bed
  •    Grooming accessories
  •    Lead and harness
  •    Water & food bowls
  •    Dog food including special dietary requirements (gluten-free, diabetic etc.)

•   Details of vet