London's Telegraph Media Group has recognized Jade Mountain in St. Lucia as the top of its Top 10 list of most romantic holidays in the Caribbean. Recognizing the alluring resort as the crème de la crème, Telegraph Travel published that "of St. Lucia's many romantic boltholes, the most striking is Jade Mountain."  

"I love what we do at Jade Mountain and I love it when people deeply in love use us as their sanctuary to enhance and deepen their romance, so it is certainly fantastic to be recognized at the top of the list of the most romantic holidays in the Caribbean from this important media company," said Karolin Troubetzkoy, Operations Director of Jade Mountain and its sister Anse Chastanet resort in St. Lucia.
The influential London daily newspaper paid homage to the innovative design wrought by Nick Troubetzkoy, the Canadian owner and architect of the stunning resort: "It's a futuristic, hilltop lair with gigantic, open-plan bedrooms, called sanctuaries, that bask in mesmerising views through "missing" fourth walls of the island's green Pitons erupting out of the sea."
Also highlighted by the British paper was the Troubetzkoys' insistence on removing all distractions to romance: "The rooms are free of technology - the idea is you should focus your attention on your partner - and most have their own iridescent-tiled (infinity) pools."
And while deeply flattered by the well-earned recognition awarded to Jade Mountain, Ms. Troubetzkoy warmly notes that "we should not overlook that right next door to Jade Mountain is our Anse Chastanet, another of the most romantic resorts in the Caribbean, with a deep-rooted connection to St. Lucia's art and culture, beautiful views and classic Caribbean charm."