The 2022 Commonwealth Games are coming to Birmingham and thousands of people across the region are taking the unique opportunity to land jobs at this summer’s sporting spectacle.

Training places and job roles are waiting to be filled in areas such as security, stewarding, catering, cleaning, retail, transport and logistics and anyone who is interested can apply now.

It is hoped that more than 6,000 people will be trained to fill jobs in the run up to and during the Games. The Birmingham 2022 Organising Committee is working with the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) Jobs and Skills Academy, to provide training for and improve the skills of local people for jobs at the Games. One resident who understands how vital this type of support and training can be is Jodie Smith.

Jodie, aged 24 and from Birmingham, has just completed a Level 2 Door Supervisors SIA Course with training provider Eventcover and has now started a new, permanent job at security company GMS Group that will see her working at the Games and beyond.

She explains: “I have never worked in security before and when I decided to undertake the training through the Jobs and Skills Academy, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I was pleasantly surprised.

“I learned so much and it was really insightful to learn that security has so many areas to discover. Many people can often have a stereotypical perception of those working within the security industry and this is something that I want to change the narrative around.

“Whilst I was taking part in my training, it was incredible to learn from the first-hand experience of the tutors who delivered the course. They provided a brilliant combination of practical examples alongside the theory we were learning which helped me get everything into perspective.”

Jodie, who spent more than three weeks honing her skills on the training course, added: “As part of my training, we got to meet a number of employers who gave us career advice but also a realistic view of what it was like to work within the security sector.

“I really connected with the team at GMS and following our training, the company reached out to me and explained how they had been really impressed with my work ethic and wanted to help me navigate my next steps with the possibility of a job offer. The company explained that they wanted to encourage more women to take up a managerial role in security and would love to discuss this with me further.

“The Eventcover team managed to secure an interview for me and it was a brilliant opportunity to utilise all of the interview skills I had just learned in my training. Following this interview, I got the job and GMS told me that I’d be put on a managerial course where I’ll be able to do some shadowing with a supervisor in time for the start of the Commonwealth Games.”    

“Since doing the training, my life has changed in so many ways. I think the main thing that has changed is my confidence, I’ve always worked alongside management and because of my age I’ve never pushed myself to take the next step in my career.

“However, when I took part in the training through the Jobs and Skills Academy I had so much personal feedback from my tutors who were all really positive and actually encouraged me to take that next step to management. Hearing this just gave me the boost I needed to show myself that I can do it and I can continue to grow.

“I’m sure there are many people out there just like me, who are not sure what the next role in their career is and may be considering taking part in some training but haven’t quite taken the step yet. I have had so many brilliant opportunities to learn and meet so many people from different backgrounds and cultures – many of whom I would consider to be friends for life.

“It’s really powerful to see the conversations around security and women working in security moving forward and I hope I can be part of the next generation of workers. So, to anyone thinking about it, I’d just say why not, you’ve got nothing to lose, you’re guaranteed to get something out of your training.

“It doesn’t matter what background you’ve come from as long as you’re willing to learn and make changes to yourself then just go for it.” Applicants must be aged 18 or and should register their interest at: to find out more.