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Footballer Christian Atsu has been pulled from the rubble of a building "with injuries" after the earthquakes in Turkey, his club's vice-president Mustafa Özat has told Turkish radio.

Former Chelsea star Atsu, who now plays for Hatayspor, was trapped after the earthquakes that have killed at least 4,800 people. The ex-Ghana forward, 31, played 107 games for Newcastle and has had spells with Chelsea, Everton and Bournemouth.

UK humanitarian charity Human Appeal has launched an emergency appeal on its website and deployed its team on the ground after the devasting earthquake that struck Turkey which is already being described as the worst to hit Turkey in the last century. The Human Appeal humanitarian aid workers are at the town of Gaziantep near to the epicentre of the devastating earthquake that struck the area of Kahramanmaraş close to the Turkish Syrian border.

“In order to look to the future, it is often necessary to get a clear picture of the past,” Martin Luther King Jr. said in 1957. “In order to know where we are going, it is often necessary to see from whence we have come.”

Among the ways the United States grapples with the racial injustice in its history are museums and public monuments. Five racial-justice museums in the United States include:

Hollywood superstar, Idris Elba OBE, went back to his roots as he spent some time travelling to Africa, which included a visit to Ghana, where he met with the president, Nana Akufo-Addo, as well as attending the first Akwasidae of the year - a 40-day traditional occasion observed every six weeks in Asanteman – at the Manhyia Palace.

The five-dollar bill is Australia’s smallest-denomination banknote and is worth about $3.55 in US dollars. There are approximately 208 million fivers currently in circulation, sporting the Australian parliament building in Canberra on the reverse and the traditional portrait of the late Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. 

Queen Elizabeth II passed away in September 2022, after a 70-year reign. Though Australia has been formally independent from Great Britain since 1901, it considers the British monarch its symbolic head of state. But the things are about to change Down Under now.

A sixth police officer involved in the events leading to the arrest of Tyre Nichols has been fired, the Memphis police department has said. An internal police investigation found officer Preston Hemphill had "violated multiple department policies," including stun gun deployment rules.

Mr Nichols, a 29-year-old father, died in hospital three days after being pulled over and beaten by police. Five other police officers have already been fired and charged with his murder.

Pope Francis celebrated one of his biggest Masses, with around a million attendees in Democratic Republic of Congo's capital, estimates say.

Huge crowds started to gather in Kinshasa well before dawn, including scores of schoolgirls dressed in white who danced along the Pope's route. A public holiday was declared, so as many people as possible could attend.

The Anguilla Tourist Board (ATB) have just announced the opening of the brand-new ferry terminal facility at the port of Blowing Point. The official opening ceremony took place on January 20, attended by Government officials, tourism stakeholders, media representatives, and representatives from other governmental departments and statutory bodies, before it then began operations.
The Hon. Minister Haydn Hughes, Minister of Infrastructure, Communications, Housing, Utilities and Tourism for Anguilla, said: “This Administration made a commitment to significantly modernize Anguilla’s infrastructure, for the benefit of both our visitors and importantly, our on-island community.

Lichtenstein now has a booming gambling industry, with six casinos currently operating in the principality.

15.5mi-long principality between Austria and Switzerland, the German-speaking country is known for its medieval castles, alpine landscapes and villages linked by a network of trails. The principality’s capital, Vaduz, a cultural and financial centre, is home to Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, with galleries of modern and contemporary art.

Ambassador Dr. John Nkengasong remembers the 1990s as a scary time. HIV/AIDS patients who arrived at a clinic near the lab where the young virologist worked in Côte d’Ivoire faced an almost certain death.

“I would never have imagined that in my lifetime we will sit here and be projecting that by the year 2030 we could, could possibly, bring HIV/AIDS to an end as a public health threat,” said Nkengasong, who today serves as the U.S. global AIDS coordinator and special representative for health diplomacy at the U.S. Department of State.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) have announced new designs to improve security of Permanent Resident Cards (also known as Green Cards) and Employment Authorization Documents (EADs).

The new Green Card and EAD designs contain state-of-the-art technology that continue to safeguard national security and improve service for our customers. Changes include improved detailed artwork; tactile printing that is better integrated with the artwork; enhanced optically variable ink; highly secure holographic images on the front and back of the cards; a layer-reveal feature with a partial window on the back photo box; and data fields displayed in different places than on previous versions.

Sundar Pichai grew up in a two-room apartment in Chennai, India. At 12, he received his first phone, sparking a love of technology, a passion for exchanging ideas and a gateway to a world of knowledge his parents encouraged him to explore.

He studied first at the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur and then at Stanford University in the heart of America’s Silicon Valley. Pichai joined Google in 2004 and was named its chief executive officer in 2015.

In November 2019, former U.S. President Donald Trump was fined US$2 million after admitting to using charitable funds to boost his 2016 political campaign. A New York state judge ruled that the tax-exempt status of the Donald J. Trump Foundation was abused to further the former President’s political efforts.

Unlike the U.S., non-profits linked to politicians in Jamaica seem to escape similar scrutiny. This is despite a 2021 report outlining an example of a local charity that may have been misused.

With climate change and global conflicts such as the war in Ukraine leaving small states like Statia at risk of major food shortages, the Government of St. Eustatius, with support from the European Union (EU), has taken a major step towards sustainable agriculture on the island.

The two sides have signed a €2.9 million sustainable agriculture agreement to ensure basic food security, create economic opportunities and increase Statia’s resilience against external threats such as extreme weather exacerbated by climate change.

India celebrated its 74th Republic Day with a colourful parade displaying military might and cultural diversity. The public holiday marks the anniversary of India officially adopting its constitution, making it a sovereign republic.

Its highlight is a parade which is held in capital city Delhi and telecast live across the country. Every year, the country also invites a foreign dignitary as the chief guest to the parade - this year, Egypt's president Abdul Fattah al-Sisi was the guest of honour.