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To honour the surrounding ancient rainforest and breathtaking Datai Bay, legendary Malaysian resort The Datai Langkawi has dedicated Chapter 3 of its 30th Anniversary festivities to ‘Celebrating our Nature’. From 22 September to 1 October 2023, the iconic rainforest resort will present sessions and excursions led by social enterprises, NGOs, and charities, as well as a wildlife photography exhibition and charity auction.

Celebrated Malaysian naturalist and chief advisor to The Datai Pledge, Irshad Mobarak (pic.), will impart his wisdom on Langkawi’s rich biodiversity through bird-watching sessions, forest tours*, and talks on the ‘Great Hornbills of Datai’, creating unique opportunities for guests to discover this natural world.

It was reported within the past 24 hours that Caesar Entertainment joined the ranks of MGM Resorts International as the next cyberattack target in Las Vegas.

Unlike MGM, the casino and online operations were not affected, but their Loyalty members were affected by the cyberattack. Caesars told the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) that it could not guarantee that personal information from its tens of millions of Loyalty members was secure.

The Las Vegas data breach which happened on September 7 but was not made known to the public until now, revealed member US Social Security number as well as driver’s license numbers. It was reported that Caesars paid a US$15 million ransom to the cybercrime group that infiltrated its database system and made the demand.

The demand was for US$30 million. This is called a “pinky promise” although there is no way to tell if the hackers actually do delete the stolen information once they receive the ransom payment.

The highest ransom ever paid by a company for a cyberattack is believed to be US$40 million. It was dished out by CNA financial, an insurance company in 2021.