Glittering lights, exquisite jewels and cheery live spectaculars are all part of the festive celebrations in Norwich this year, which will feature: more Christmas lights than ever before, stunning Fabergé sculptures, a 4-day Christmas Fair to launch the season's shopping frenzy, and great family shows featuring live music keeping the atmosphere authentic.

In 2016 thousands flocked to Norwich to experience the UK's first Tunnel of Light when it was unveiled in the heart of the city centre. The 45-meters long, 4 meters high and 6 meters wide tunnel, made from 50,000 pulsating LEDs with sequenced lights that reflected the patterns and colours of the Northern Lights, proved an instant Instagram sensation.

All ages marvelled at the tunnel, which became even more magical as day turned into dusk and dusk turned into night. But how do you improve on perfection? Well, you crown it, and so in 2017 the Tunnel of Light will be back once again, but this year with a new animation sequence and a glittering tiara.

At the world-class Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts a sumptuous exhibition awaits: Royal Fabergé. The world famous jeweller has an amazing local story to tell. See over 70 loans from the Royal Collection – King Edward VII's commissions from the Sandringham Estate - as well as vintage films and photographs; there'll be over 150 loans from private and public collectors across Britain, Russia and America.