TV’s Paul O’Grady’s real life ‘Love of Dogs’ has been reflected by the British public in a new poll naming his dog Olga as their favourite celebrity dog for 2016. Dog lovers in the Midlands voted EastEnders’ ‘Princess Di’ as their second favourite pooch and Simon Cowell’s Squiddly and Diddly as their third favourite. The least well known dog in the Midlands was Mollie King’s Poodle, Alfie.  Mollie is the popstar from ‘The Saturday’s but clearly Alfie has been keeping a lower profile as he gained less than 1% of the overall national vote.

The online poll, of 1000 dog lovers and celebrity watchers, was carried out by during January 2016. wanted to find out which celebrities’ dogs were the most popular. Many of the holiday properties they promote throughout the UK are ‘dog friendly’ and they wanted to know which celebrities were famous for their dog-friendliness.

James Morris from said “Paul O’Grady has long been known for his –literal- love of dogs. From his TV show through to his four dogs he has at home, he truly values canine companionship. We’re delighted Olga was the best known dog – Congratulations Paul!  Our properties are similarly dog-friendly and our owners go to great lengths to make sure dogs are welcome and well provided for in our regularly inspected cottages.”