An award winning counsellor and occupational psychologist has authored another book – Rice and Peas for the soul. The author and his publisher Think Doctor Publications have described the publication as a much anticipated motivational and inspirational book.

According to the press release, this is the first edition of amongst several others within the Rice and Peas for the soul that are scheduled to be released within the course of time.

Mr. Simms the author stated that: “The first book simply offers a small glimpse of what is yet to be unfolded inline of other editions with the series”. The author describes his book as the right mixture of ingredients to create the perfect meal for uplifting and nourishing lives.

The book comprises 150 inspirational, provocative, motivational and empowering stories of courage, faith and hope.

According to the release, the book is in line with the guiding policy of the publisher “Think Doctor” that focuses solely on empowering and inspiring by means of contemporary stories and known stories that carries a common message.

The Rice and Peas book also made emphasis on the need to forgiveness rather than revenge, which is described by the author as motivational in creating love, success and happiness.

The release stated that: “This could be done by offering intercessory prayers for those who seeks to undermine the lives of the reader rather than to enrich them”.

The author is also inviting contributions for the upcoming editions of the R & Ps book provided that, their contribution is unpublished and, submissions can be done through Kwame Makura an editorial team member via the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The book is also available for sale on amazon at a very reasonable price.

By Sulayman Bah