A packed church with generations of siblings from the United Pentecostal Church of God gathered together at Cannon Street Memorial Baptist Church on Saturday to witness the ground breaking installation of pastors, a deacon and an evangelist. 

As the church congregation prepared themselves for the ordination service, the candidates were invited to enter the church in white clothing, and were presented one by one to the massed community.

The candidates were Brother Errol Fraser, to be ordained as a Deacon, Sister Elaine Ramsey, to be ordained as an Evangelist, and Evangelist Sandra White, Evangelist Kathleen Fraser and Deacon Cecil Blake to be ordained as Pastors.

The Pentecostal church was a reminder of the days of Overseer Wolliston, Bishop Hanson, Pastor Alexander and so many more to mention. They created a movement that has stood the test of time. This day was a testament of the foundation that was laid so many decades ago.

They say that from the mouths of babes, comes truth or wisdom, and young Malachi Gibbons explained the scripture to the congregation and the candidates saying “Being a leader takes courage, discipline and determination. But the word of God makes it clear what is expected of any ministers in leadership positions.”

The young man finished with “Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

Bishop Neville G Wolliston from the USA gave a rousing address, before taking on a leading role in the ordination of these worthy candidates.

For the full story and photos look out for the special feature in The Phoenix Newspaper.