The Royal College of Anaesthetists welcomes Black History Month as an opportunity to celebrate the huge contribution of Black anaesthetists and other healthcare workers to the NHS throughout its 74-year history. 

They value the rich diversity of their membership and recognise that Black healthcare workers are a fundamental part of their specialty, their College and their community.

October provides the opportunity to celebrate Black history and reflect upon what more the College can do to support the theme of Time for change: actions not words.

There are almost 80,000 Black people working in the NHS, representing over 6% of the total NHS workforce, with just under 6,000 in medical roles, including anaesthetists at all levels. The Royal College of Anaesthetists wants to know more about their Black members’ experiences so that they can support and celebrate them.

They are celebrating Black History Month by showcasing their members while they do this. For any Black anaesthetist, RCoA wants to hear your story.

RCoA president, Fiona Donald, said: “The Royal College of Anaesthetists values the diversity of our members and our specialty. During Black History Month, we would like to highlight the experiences of Black anaesthetists working in the UK today so that we can support and celebrate them.”

To celebrate Black History Month and showcase their members while they do this, they would like to know what Black History Month means to them and are inviting contributions in a number of ways: 

·         Video clips of your personal reflections (up to two minutes). If you film these on your phone or device, please use landscape mode. 

·         A short written piece for our website (up to 300 words). If you would like to write a longer piece, then get in touch and we can discuss a blog post. 

·         Participate in a podcast we are hoping to record on Friday 7 October, which will be an open discussion on the theme of Time for change: action not words, Chaired by Russell Ampofo, our Director of Education, Training and Examinations. 

They will share contributions on their website and social media during Black History Month.