Low-income households in Statia are being offered support to shield them from soaring energy prices.

The Ministry of Social Welfare and Employment in the Netherlands has agreed a $1300 subsidy to help the most vulnerable Statian residents struggling with their electricity bills.

The ministry package has been implemented by The Hague for all Dutch citizens

“In recent months Statians have been clamouring for relief from spiralling electricity bills, which are a direct result of skyrocketing global fuel costs,” said Government Commissioner Alida Francis.

“These subsidies will go a long way towards helping our most vulnerable absorb the shock of these unsustainably high electricity bills. We are pleased that the Netherlands has agreed to offer this support package to Statia.”

The details of the framework to roll out the energy subsidy for qualified families, including the eligibility criteria and how and where to apply, are being finalised by the Directorate of Social Domain and the St. Eustatius Utilities Company (STUCO). Registration begins on 1 October.