Since the start of the year, Bertrams Guldsmeden Hotel in Copenhagen has been implementing changes to their water management strategies to reduce overall water consumption.

Nikolas Hall, Host and Hotelier said, “As part of our constant efforts to improve, and contribute to a sustainable operation, we have chosen to install the ecoBETA water saving flush system in all our toilets. This system replaces the existing dual flush set-ups previously in place which while conserving water, were not as effective as the ecoBETA solution.”

The ecoBETA single button dual flush inserts can be fitted in most toilet makes and models to reduce water usage. This system uses one lever or button in place of conventional dual flush valves with two buttons and saves water by minimizing the risk of user error. Too often people will press a large flush button when only the half flush is required resulting in overuse, breakages and possible water leakages leading to increased maintenance costs.

The ecoBeta dual flush system is easy to use. For a half flush, guests simply press and release the lever or button. For a large flush, the lever is held down for 3-4 seconds. The large flush can also be interrupted, saving even more water.

“The ecoBETA dual flush solution constitutes a feasible option that effectively manages the balance between water supply and demand in a way that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. This water efficient measure can be combined with other water saving products to raise awareness regarding water conservation,” added Mr. Hall.

In addition, all faucets in sinks and showers at the hotel are being changed from dual handles to single handle faucets manufactured by Hans Grohe. These faucets are EcoSmart certified – using 60% less water than traditional faucets.

“We look forward to seeing notable results in 2017,” concluded Mr. Hall.