Smart Energy GB, the national campaign for the smart meter roll out, today publishes the second Smart energy outlook, the largest independent barometer of national public opinion on energy and smart meters.  The report finds high levels of satisfaction, control and energy-savvy amongst those who have already upgraded to their smart meter.

Every household and micro-business in Great Britain will have the chance to upgrade to a smart meter at no additional cost as part of the national digitisation of the retail energy industry taking place between now and 2020.  Smart meters will bring an end to estimated bills and show people what they’re spending in pounds and pence via a handheld display.

September 2015’s Smart energy outlook, carried out by Populus on behalf of Smart Energy GB showed:

  •       More than eight out of ten (84%) of consumers with a smart meter would recommend them to a friend, neighbour or relative.
  •       Nearly four in five (79%) of consumers with a smart meter believe that their energy bills are accurate, whereas only 59 per cent of those without feel the same. 
  •       Three quarters of respondents (75%) with a smart meter understand their energy bills compared with 56 per cent of those with traditional meters.
  •       Nearly eight out of ten (79%) of consumers with a smart meter have taken steps to try and use less energy such as turning off lights, turning their heating down or changed the way in which household appliances are used.
  •       Nearly seven out of ten (69%) of respondents with smart meters said that they felt more conscious about the energy they use at home.

While smart meter users are enjoying greater control over their energy use and are more confident in the bills they receive, across the West Midlands consumers without smart meters still have a number of concerns. Nearly a fifth (19%) said that they don’t understand their energy bills and when asked, nearly a fifth (19%) of people from the West Midlands also told us that they don’t think that they pay the right amount for the energy that they use.

Commenting on the findings, Claire Maugham, Director of Policy and Communications at Smart Energy GB said:

“People with smart meters are experiencing a transformation in the way in which they buy and use gas and electricity in their homes thanks to smart meters. Not only can they now see what energy they are using, but also the cost in near real time in a language we all understand, pounds and pence.

“There is a building enthusiasm for smart meters and nationally 84 per cent of people with smart meters told us that they would recommend them to friends and family. 

“We’re at the start of our national energy upgrade, but already those with smart meters are more confident about the accuracy of their bills and feel able to take energy saving steps to bring their bills under control. We will continue to spread the word to make sure that consumers from Leek to Evesham and everyone in between has the chance to get their smart meter and reap the full benefits.”