Tough powers that are helping put a stop to anti-social behavior in Seven Sisters could be extended for a further three years.

Haringey Council is consulting on plans to extend the duration of the existing public spaces protection order (PSPO), which bars a number of anti-social activities from taking place in the area.

Restrictions imposed by the PSPO, which was introduced last summer after being overwhelmingly backed by residents, are generally focused around the Wickes DIY store in Seven Sister Road and include:

Intimidating or obstructing others by congregating in groups of two or more

Persistently loitering

Approaching people for casual labour

Drinking alcohol in the street

Anti-social behaviour such as urinating in the street or being offensive

A gate has also been installed in the alleyway between Roslyn Road and Southey Road to keep out anti-social behaviour.

Since the PSPO was introduced, police patrols have seen more than 95 warnings issued. While anti-social behaviour has fallen, the existing PSPO is set to end this year and the council and the police believe an extension is the best way of continuing to tackle issues and achieve long-term solutions.

Cllr Eugene Ayisi, Cabinet Member for Communities, said: “These measures have helped us to make South Tottenham a cleaner and safer place for those who live and work there, but we know there is more still to do.

“Extending the PSPO will allow us to continue our work with the police to patrol the area and take tough action against anyone found to be making life a misery for local people.”

PSPOs were introduced in the 2014 Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act. Those who breach the order could be liable for a £1,000 fine or £100 fixed penalty notice, issued by the police or the council.

The PSPO currently covers: Kerswell Close; Victoria Crescent; Culvert Road; Russell Road; Elizabeth Road; Southey Road; Greenfield Road; Birstall Road; Brunswick Road; Brunswick Road Park; Suffield Road; Westerfield Road; Braemar Road; part of Seaford Road; Watts Close; Kirkton Road; Lomond Close; Bomond Close; Maynard Close; Gourley Place; Gourley Street; Durnford Street; parts of Seven Sisters Road; Wickes Store car park; Stonebridge Estate, and parts of West Green Road.