With 2016 now upon us, national charity Suzy Lamplugh Trust is urging all West Midlands residents to keep personal safety in mind when making New Year’s resolutions. Common resolutions, often based around lifestyle changes, may inadvertently place individuals at risk, so the charity is encouraging people to factor in their own safety when making pledges for the New Year.

Kristiana Wrixon, Policy and Development Manager at Suzy Lamplugh Trust, explained: “New Year’s resolutions are a great way to make a positive change in your life, but whether the aim is to start running, travel more or to meet someone new, it is important to remember your personal safety.”

She added: “If your resolution is to get fit or start running, there are a number of steps you can take to help keep yourself safe. These include planning your route carefully, sticking to well-lit, busy areas and joining a running club. We also recommend carrying a personal safety alarm with you when going out.”

If your resolution is to travel more, planning is key to reduce the risk of being stranded in a foreign and unfamiliar environment. Wherever possible it is best to travel with a friend and to stay together whenever venturing out.

Many people will be looking to meet that special someone in 2016. When going on dates, especially first dates with contacts made online, you should always take care to meet in a public place, let someone know where you are going, whom you are meeting and when you are likely to be back.

For years Suzy Lamplugh Trust has been working with people in the community and workplace to raise awareness of the importance of personal safety and to provide positive practical advice and guidance that makes people feel and be safer.

“We are not trying to scare people or worry them unnecessarily, but personal safety is an important issue for everyone, regardless of age or sex. Of course we want people to start the New Year with positive resolutions – but above all else we want them to be and feel safe in whatever they choose to do.”

For more information on personal safety for a variety of activities as well as alarms and important tips on keeping safe in the New Year please visit www.suzylamplugh.org.