Jacqui Kennedy, Acting Strategic Director of Place, urges Brummies to showcase the city’s ‘super’ side during Super September. Some might say (in jest) that Birmingham is the centre of the universe, but this month it really will be with a series of major events taking place over the next few weeks. From the Rugby World Cup – with Villa Park hosting two matches – to the reopening of New Street Station and unveiling of Grand Central, featuring a flagship John Lewis store – there’s no doubt all eyes will be on our city.

Throw into the mix the Birmingham Weekender arts festival, Style Birmingham and comedian Michael McIntyre’s four shows at the Barclaycard Arena, the city will be bustling with tens of thousands of visitors.

We only get one chance to make a good first impression and Super September is a fantastic opportunity for us to impress tourists from all over the world.

The peak of all this activity will be the last weekend, 25-27 September, and although it is unprecedented to have so many high profile events being staged here at the same time, the city is ready to warmly welcome these visitors

However, all these events and developments could be potentially tarnished if we don’t take pride in where we live: we want to show Birmingham at its very best.

While many do love and respect where they live, the message for those who don’t is clear: there’s no excuse for littering, either use a bin or take your litter home – otherwise face being hit in the pocket, or even taken to court and risk a hefty fine.

As well as keeping our city clean, we have also worked with a range of partners to ensure the roads are kept moving – with roadworks reduced and extra public transport being provided at key times.

However, if you do not need your car to come into the city, I would urge people to use public transport during this exceptionally busy period.

We also want everyone to be safe as they travel home from these amazing events.  So please, to be safe and insured pre-book your taxi home:

In Birmingham, only Hackney Carriages (black cabs) can be flagged down on the street. Saloon cars and minibuses used by private hire firms must be pre-booked – it is illegal for them to ply for hire.

This is going to be a really exciting time for Birmingham – with plenty of people coming here the first time – so let’s give them a warm Brummie welcome so they’ll be eager to return.