To celebrate the relationship between the City of Westminster and Switzerland, the Lord Mayor of the City of Westminster, Councillor Christabel Flight visited Switzerland. Following an invitation by Switzerland Tourism the Lord Mayor with a delegation of seven travelled on the Grand Tour of Switzerland through various parts of the country. 

Within four days the delegation of the City of Westminster visited Zürich, Andermatt, Riederalp and Zermatt, following parts of the Grand Tour of Switzerland, which was launched earlier this year. At every destination representatives from regional politics and tourism welcomed the delegation. Switzerland Tourism organised the stay and the programme of this visit.

The City of Westminster and Switzerland look back on a profound relationship formerly displayed by the Swiss Centre at Leicester Square and still today visible in form of the Glockenspiel and the flag pole at the Swiss Court, the path leading from Leicester Square to Wardour Street.

"My Swiss heart beats harder every time I walk over Leicester Square and read the road sign “Swiss Court” and see the thousands of people admiring the Swiss Glockenspiel and the Swiss Wappenbaum. How wonderful to have such a prominent Switzerland presence in the heart of London” says Urs Eberhard, Executive Vice Director Switzerland Tourism.