North East India is home to some of the most diverse and culturally-vivid terrain and communities in the world. Abundant with rare wildlife, towering mountains, far-reaching lakes and mesmerising caves, its states are a paradise for bold and inquisitive travellers.

For an eye-opening and unique holiday this summer, UK travellers should take advantage of the new extended e-visa visit period - whereby tourists can stay in the country for up to 60 days - and book a trip to North East India, which boasts endless activities to keep the most eager appetites for adventure satiated. To help plan your trip, India Tourism has put together a guide to some of the area's best attractions.

Trek Through Nature's Finest Land In Arunachal Pradesh Aptly-named 'The land of the dawn-lit mountains', Arunachal Pradesh is the richest biogeographical province of the Himalayan zone. With a wonderfully complex hill system, its terrain lends itself to some of the greatest trekking in India. Visitors should head for high-altitude mountain pass Se La Pass, from which some of the state's 500 bird species can be spotted and hiking trails are found at every turn. From a height of almost 14,000 feet, visitors will be rewarded with fantastic views of the surrounding rivers and villages while on their nature trek.

Delve Deep Into The Caves of Meghalaya Some of the longest caves in the world can be found in Meghalaya, where around 500 limestone grottos snake through the terrain. While many of these caves remain unexplored, visitors can embark on underground adventures galore in the region to explore a truly hidden India.

Be Spell-Bound By Loktak Lake In Manipur It is no wonder that Manipur is referred to as the 'land of the jewels'. Here, visitors are greeted by breath-taking emerald lakes, blue mountains, foaming waterfalls and exotic wildlife. What is more, the region is home to the only floating National Park in the world, which takes form of a series of circular swamps that hover on the surface of Loktak Lake, the largest freshwater lake in Northeast India. In addition to these fascinating little islands, the lake also plays host to 233 species of aquatic plants, over 100 species of birds and 425 different types of animals. For a truly spell-binding experience, travellers should add a hike around the endangered lake to their North East Indian itinerary.