Feeling Wanderlust? When it comes to sheer choice of places to stay, Booking.com now reports 30 categories of accommodations, including vacation homes, boats, igloos, tree houses, guest houses, farm stays, apartments and more. More than 70% of the total properties available to book on Booking.com are actually from all of the categories beyond the traditional hotel, including apartments and chalets!

Are you ready to create ultimate jealousy with your friends? Booking.com is showcasing the world's most unique, jaw-dropping places to WOW your friends.  Below are some options of the weirdest and wackiest places to stay around the world.

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Welcome aboard the Golden Lotus

With this beautifully crafted wooden boat, you get a breath-taking room with a gorgeous view of Halong Bay and many adventures ready to be captured and liked.

Golden Lotus, Vietnam 

Cave of wonders

Only with a rub of a lamp you would be able to stay in luxury cave rooms with killer views, right? WRONG. This place is for real—no Genie needed—and fantastically photogenic from top to bottom.

Miras Hotel, Turkey

You can be ROYAL

Live like a royal in this a majestic German castle – super luxury and super exclusive.

Burg Colmberg Hotel, Germany

This is your captain speaking

Even if you don't like flying, staying in a Jumbo jet hotel equipped with flat-screen TVs and a fully equipped cockpit bar, is awesome.

STF Jumbo Stay Stockholm, Sweden

Baby, its warm inside

Yes, an igloo. Not the ones you spend hours perfecting as a child, but high class thermal glass igloos where you can wave goodnight to your friends warmly under the northern lights.

Kakslauttanen Igloo West Village, Finland 

Desert Oasis

Wake up to the desert in your personal oasis. Spend the afternoon riding a camel on a desert. End the day at the rooftop moon bar.

Banyan Tree Al Wadi, United Arab Emirates 

Thai Haven

Elephant rides, Thai massages, spectacular views, and phenomenal food.

Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle, Thailand

Stylish sanctuary

No one ever thought they could live it up in a monastery, until now.  

Kruisherenhotel Maastricht, Netherlands

Freeze your frenemies in their tracks

Furniture, decorations, bars, restaurants and a church ALL MADE OF ICE! Seriously cool.

Snow Village, Finland 

You can be a Guru

Ever done yoga in an Indian palace overlooking Lake Pichola? Namaste

Taj Lake Palace, India

You can stay in a yellow submarine

We all love The Beatles. And we all — without a doubt — want to stay in a yellow submarine.

Yellow Sub, United Kingdom 

We come in peace

Truly out of this world accommodation

Treehotel, Sweden

Bask in the best of Bali

A world where selfies include private helicopter rides and infinity pools with uninterrupted jungle views.

Viceroy Bali, Indonesia