Recent research commissioned to mark the launch of oral health workshops from leading charity Action for Children and its partnership with The Wrigley Company Ltd, has revealed that 21 percent of West Midlands people think that we smile the most in our 20’s. The survey identified that 23 is age that we smile the most in our lives. The research also showed that 4 percent of the region’s residents think that we smile the least from the ages of 11 – 15, when we are at secondary school.

To keep children and young people smiling, from 23 May to 16 July, Wrigley will make a donation to Action for Children, from every pack of Extra® sugarfree gum sold in the UK. The monies raised during the eight-week campaign will create the charity’s first ever oral health workshops, aiming to educate thousands of children and their families.

A total of 690 educational sessions in the charity’s children centres and family support services, endorsed by the Oral Health Foundation will take place over 12 months from August 2016. Each child will also be kitted out with a specialist dental kit including a toothbrush, toothpaste and timer to encourage brushing.

Carol Iddon, Managing Director at Action for Children, said: “Too many children continue to be badly affected by poor oral health – but being able to smile with confidence is important for a child’s self-esteem and lifelong physical health.

“Our fun and informative workshops will aim to provide the opportunity for children and families to develop a better understanding of the importance of oral health and the practical skills they need to maintain it.”

Action for Children is also asking the public to raise awareness of children’s oral health by taking a picture of their best smile, tweet it to @actnforchildren and then nominate someone to take up the challenge.

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