Handmade badges embroidered with statistics and metal bricks engraved with quotes. Craftivism combines craft and activism and Birmingham based arts organisation Craftspace have invited young people to spend a week creating their own craftivist campaigns about issues that are important to them. Making for Change is a social action training programme for 16-25 year olds running at mac birmingham from 4th -7th April 2016. The campaigns will be shared at a showcase event at Impact Hub, Birmingham on Friday 8th April 6.00pm -8.00pm.

Using carefully targeted unusual handmade objects can make messages more distinctive and effective. The young people will be inspired by talking to craftivist artists such as Sarah Corbett and will use ‘big data’ and statistics to create work using textiles, metal, wood and paper alongside professional artists.

Making can improve wellbeing. It can help you to stop and reflect, block out negativity and learn resilience. By exploring making in relation to issues young people can also start to become changemakers themselves develop their making skills and build confidence. They also have the opportunity to gain an arts award and develop wider employability skills.

More details in the project blog www.makingforchange.craftspace.co.uk .

‘The programme is an exciting way to be introduced to craft and to learn about how you can tackle inequality in society. Many young people lack any opportunities to be creative and find the idea of social action overwhelming. Making for Change will enable more 16 – 25 year olds to develop the making skills and confidence to make a difference. ‘Sarah Lopez Craftspace Learning and Engagement Apprentice.