Jamaicans in the UK will gather in Birmingham on 25th June to discuss and explore issues of concern worthy of consideration, representation and further partnership working with the government of Jamaica. The Conference will be attended by Member(s) of Parliament, the Acting Jamaican High Commissioner and other representatives from the Jamaican High Commission.

The event is galvanised around the theme: 'The Diaspora-Parish Council Partnership', and is intended to raise the profile of the Poor Relief and Infirmary services in each of Jamaica's thirteen parish councils, for Diaspora support; make arrangement for the appointment of a Diaspora Officer in each parish to facilitate Jamaicans residing outside Jamaica, and have problems with planning application and other parish-related issues; and explore the feasibility and offer of placement opportunities in parish council settings for Young Jamaicans from the UK.

The conference will have formal workshop-style discussions for consensus about other representative-type developments which should be of significance to Jamaicans in the UK, such as the role of the recently created all-party lobby group of British MPs - led by Dawn Butler MP - to represent the interests of Jamaica and Jamaicans in Britain; the recent announcement and proposal by the Government of Jamaica to begin holding consultations about the feasibility of Jamaicans, who live abroad, participating in elections in Jamaica; and what re-thinking for improvements can be made to the present operational framework of the Diaspora Advisory Board (in Jamaica) to which Jamaicans in the UK send three persons to represent problems we have which can only be solved in Jamaica.

The main issues to be discussed are: -

1.    The cultural disconnect between generations of Jamaicans born in the UK.
2.    Creation of an all-party lobby group of British Parliamentarians, and other prominent individuals of political stature and influence acting in the interests of Jamaica.
3.    Exploring the potential for increased partnership working between the Jamaican community in the UK and Parish Councils in Jamaica.
4.    Response of the Church to the deterioration of values and morals in Jamaica.
5.    Motions, proposals, policies and activities for better representation of Jamaica and Jamaicans in the Diaspora.

The Diaspora- Parish Council Partnership
8:30am – 5pm, 25th June 2016
Council House, Birmingham City Council B1 1BB

To learn more visit  www.jamaicandiasporauk.org   or call us at 07817 697742.

Cost (Payment on Arrival)-    £10 Jamaican Diaspora UK members
 £15 Non-members
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