Artist Domingo Zapata is partnering with fashion icon, stylist, and DJ Sita Abellán to make his NFT debut with a series of 999 pieces featuring his iconic pandas, of which Sita created 30 honorary pandas for Kim Kardashian, Anitta, Heron Preston and Aureta.

Zapata will debut his Panda series in the Web3 and digital world, a collection that is owned by celebrities and collectors around the globe. It's one of his most iconic and recognized collections and has been emblazoned on designer clothing and accessories.

In the series of 999 NFTs, the panda will be brought to virtual life, and each NFT will be available for purchase through an auction in May. The Panda NFTs will be 3D and a select 50 will be individually styled by Sita who has designed pieces for Fendi and Nike, styled celebrities, and designs her own Rihanna approved Lilith jewellery line.

Sita invited J Balvin and Anitta to participate on launch day, styling their own pandas. Kim Kardashian, Anitta, Aureta and Heron Preston shared previews of their Pandas on social media.

Sita says: "Domingo is an artist I've admired for years, someone pushing boundaries and moving between the traditional and the cutting edge, and a fellow Spaniard. This is my first experiment in the metaverse, bringing my real-world skills into the digital universe. I am excited to do more in this space, as it feels like it is pushing the limits."

Zapata's collaboration with Steve Madden for Superega and Alice & Olivia were only the beginning of Zapata in fashion; since then, he created lines for New York and Los Angeles fashion weeks. In 2018, Zapata collaborated with Pope Francis to create a mural in celebration of immigrants, and recently completed a 45-foot mural for the Cohen Children's Medical Center in New York, the largest mural at a Children's Hospital ever painted.

Zapata described his work with Sita "I've been a fan of Sita for years. She's spectacular and incredible. There are no words to describe how artistic her styling is. It's an honor to work with her.

“The result it's just purely amazing". Release dates and pricing for the Panda series will be shared on the Domingo X Sita website, on Instagram and Twitter, as well as information on how to purchase your NFT.