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Known as the Spice Isle of the Caribbean, the Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) has launched a culinary partnership with renowned Chef Alexander Smalls to raise its profile as a leading culinary destination. The partnership will involve a Master Class with local chefs, recipe development showcasing Grenada’s spices and cacao, a Tastemaker event featuring celebrity and influential chefs, a Fireside Chat with Grenada’s leaders in food security, agriculture and sustainability, and the Spice Replanting Program.  

IFCO, the world's leading provider of Reusable Packaging Containers (RPCs) is expanding its support for FareShare and The Felix Project, two of the leading food redistribution charities in the UK. The overriding goal of the three-way partnership is to make it easier, faster and cost neutral for producers, suppliers and retailers to donate their surplus food to the charitable organisations, while at the same time ensuring that FareShare and The Felix Project can deliver healthy fresh food to people in need more safely and efficiently.

Since Abdirahman Kahin moved to the United States, he has never stopped dreaming. Born in Somalia and raised in Djibouti, he immigrated to the United States in 1996.

Kahin worked for a media company before he discovered his passion was in food service. He opened his first restaurant in 2010 in Minneapolis to bring a taste of Africa to the Midwest. Customers can order Somali steak sandwiches and curry goat, among other options.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, spoke to food manufacturers today (23 May) about the cost of food in the UK.    

The Chancellor highlighted the widespread concern among the British public about the current level of food prices and their impact on household budgets, particularly for the most vulnerable. He listened to the views of manufacturers about the causes of food inflation, reiterated the support announced by the Prime Minister last week for the UK food sector, and agreed that food manufacturers would continue to engage with senior government ministers about potential measures that government and industry can take to ease the pressure on consumers.   

Cocoba, the Kent-based chocolate company renowned for producing irresistible chocolate and hot chocolate gifts, has launched a range of quintessentially British chocolate bars.

Inspired by British desserts the Cocoba “Best of British Chocolate Bars”, all priced at £4.50 individually or in a pack at £18, make a superb addition to any summer picnic. “The Best of British Chocolate Bar Selection,” made from the highest-quality Belgian chocolate, include something for everyone from sticky toffee pudding, apple crumble, Eaton mess and lemon meringue flavours.

The South West's food, drink and hospitality sector is currently operating in the toughest environment for many years, yet powerful feelings of pride and determination were the overriding emotions at the 2023 Food Reader Awards which took place on Monday 15th May.

The event was a huge success and received a much-needed shot of positivity for the industry at this difficult time.  Attendees were resolute in their belief that, while the year ahead looks to be difficult (as a result of food and fuel prices and a recruitment crisis), pulling together is the best way for independent businesses to survive.

Heidi Kühn walked through her first minefield, in Dragalić, Croatia, in 2000. Workers there asked her blood type in case she stepped on a land mine.

“That was such a defining moment,” Kühn said. “I was with a friend and we looked at each other in the eye and we were like, ‘What have we gotten ourselves into?’ And they suited me up.” Kühn, a California native, has earned international recognition for Roots of Peace, the non-profit she founded in 1997 that transforms heavily mined areas into sustainable farmland. Or as Kühn puts it, she’s turning mines to vines.

Established in 1957 with root in hospitality, the Miramar Group has then expanded its portfolio to include stylish hotels and serviced apartments, property rental, food and beverage, and travel services both in Hong Kong and in Mainland China. Over the years, Miramar Group has become a leading industry player and a renowned brand in Hong Kong, with its fashionable design hotels and restaurants that loved and frequented by many locals.

Introducing Sriracha Chilli and original Mac N'cheese, Pots of Oozy, Gooey Pasta Deliciousness from Kabuto Listed Nationwide by Tesco.

Stir up the store cupboard with brand new Kabuto Mac n'Cheese pasta pots. Bursting onto the shelves this spring at Tesco includes scorching Sriracha Chilli and creamy, oozy original variations to tantalise the tastebuds and take you on a fun, fusion flavour journey - rolling out in Tesco stores now. The first ever pasta meals from Kabuto, (normally known for 'posh pot noodles') are easy peasy cheesy pots of goodness, perfect for Mac n'Cheese obsessives and busy people who want a quick meal packed to the brim with taste.

An Israeli company announced that it has developed a 3D printed grouper fish fillet from stem cells, which are then processed via bioprinting technology into a fish-like shape.

Stakeholder Foods, in conjunction with Umami Meats, has created a method of 3D bioprinting your very own ‘fresh’ fish, which, it says, mimics the taste and texture of natural fish and will be ready for cooking immediately. According to the company, new product could hit the supermarket shelves later this year.

How well do you know the national anthem? Revolución de Cuba, the Cuban-inspired bar and restaurant brand, is celebrating the King’s Coronation weekend by giving customers the chance to earn a free Pineapple Daiquiri, but there’s one catch.

Taking place across the entire Coronation weekend, Revolución de Cuba will be challenging customers to serenade bar staff with their very own rendition of ‘God Save the King’, and if they impress, they’ll be rewarded with a Pineapple Daiquiri on the house (while stocks last). Sing or hum, the choice is yours.

Farmers in St Thomas have called for more work to be done in the sector to explore and take full advantage of the coconut palm’s (Cocos nucifera) versatile nature. Characterised as a “golden” plant by members of the Kanga Gully Farmers Group in Nutts River, the coconut tree and nut are said to have properties that can be used to make a variety of items that the industry has not yet tapped into.

The 26-member group was engaged in a training session held at Rainford Heslop’s Holdings where Danavan Pryce, an agronomist at Newport-Fersan Jamaica Limited, informed them of best practices to execute on their farms.

Approximately 7 years ago (2016), South African wines were removed from the wine shops in Nordic countries. The reason?

South African workers in the wine sector were fighting against poor working conditions for farm workers at several vineyards in the country and the wine retailers were supporting their actions. According to the Human Rights Watch (HRW), wine and fruit farm workers in South Africa live in on-site housing unfit for occupancy, are exposed to pesticides without appropriate safety equipment, have limited (if any) access to toilets or drinking water while working and have many barriers to representation by unions.

Celebrate Earth Day with Saint Lucia's Restaurant Week – on now until April 29, and explore the unique flavours of the island with its eclectic mix of African, American, European, Indian, and Caribbean cuisine. Enjoy the hearty provisions and stews of the rugged mountain villages and tantalizing seafood dishes of the renowned coastal areas, all while savouring healthy options and farm-to-table experiences.

Birmingham’s favourite casual dining restaurant, Gusto Italian, has launched its new menu, with a focus on meat-free dishes and low and no alcohol cocktails including a delicious Prosecco risotto and stunning plant-based steak. Gusto Gold Reward members & their friends can enjoy a free drink when purchasing 2 courses from the new A La Carte menu.