The embassy of Saint Kitts & Nevis yesterday donated five English-language books written by authors from the Caribbean country to the National Central Library to promote cultural understanding between the two allied countries. At a ceremony at the library attended by educators and officials from the ministries of foreign affairs and education, Saint Kitts and Nevis Ambassador to Taiwan Jasmine Elise Huggins said the donation brings the people of her country and Taiwan closer together.


“This donation forms part of a broader initiative that seeks to introduce to elementary schools, high schools and universities in Taiwan a wider spectrum of English literature through books written by us and about us, the diplomatic allies of Taiwan,” she said.

Among the books is a children’s book titled Adventure at Brimstone Hill by Carol Ottley-Mitchell, which tells the story of three children who embark on an adventure following a mischievous monkey through a secret passage at the Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park in Saint Kitts & Nevis. Another is a historical novel titled Crossing the River by Caryl Phillips, which tells the stories of people around the world who were displaced from their native Africa.

Huggins said she hopes the books can help Taiwanese appreciate, learn and understand more about her country’s culture. She also said that she hoped the books will also help boost the government’s efforts to make Taiwan a bilingual nation by 2030.

In Saint Kitts & Nevis, children are encouraged to read voraciously so that they can broaden their knowledge and master the language, she said.

Library Director-General Tseng Shu-hsien said: “The books will be available to visitors in the library’s Saint Kitts & Nevis Corner, which will be decorated with ornaments and art from the Caribbean country.”

The donation came after a visit to the library in April by a group of ambassadors led by Huggins, who presented a proposal on cultural collaboration and exchanges, Tseng said. The library is glad to serve as a platform to help Taiwanese learn more about the nation’s allies, she said.