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One of Devon's leading ice cream producers, Salcombe Dairy, has just been awarded a Gold in the Food & Drink Devon Awards 2016 for its Blackcurrant Sorbet, recognised for its sophisticated sharp and zesty taste and sleek glossy appearance. It's been a hot summer for Salcombe Dairy, with over 30,000 scoops of ice cream sold out of its new Dartmouth Parlour alone. Those visiting this maritime town managed to indulge in more than 3,000 Sundaes. The popularity of this ice cream parlour is set to continue whilst the weather cools down, as they've introduced a waffle and hot brownie winter selection.

For anyone looking forward to enjoying a Christmas with a difference, chef and author, Anjula Devi, has created a Christmas feast with hints of carefully selected spices, all containing amazing health properties. Anjula's Christmas banquet features. Celebrated chef and champion of authentic Indian cooking, Anjula Devi is head of her own eponymous 'Authentic Indian Cookery School'. Anjula has never been one to follow the crowd, and she loves creating healthy and unique recipes.

Dessert innovators Flower & White have unveiled their stunning Christmas collection of luxury Merangz. Mouth watering additions to a festive menu - or a delicious gift for food lovers. Flower & White know what makes an exceptional sweet treat. Their stunning Merangz are made in Shropshire using only the finest ingredients, and British free range egg whites. They are also the creators of Tweeners, Custardz - and new gluten free Muffinz.

Committed to community outreach and the enhancement of the tourism product in the Territory, the United States Virgin Islands Department of Tourism is supporting young culinary talent during the 2nd Annual Restaurant Week with the launch of its "Dine on Us" charitable raffle. Restaurant Week, also known as Dine VI, takes place from October 27 to November 12, 2016, and was developed to further cultivate and highlight the destination's exceptional culinary talents, while supporting culinary programs at schools throughout the Territory.

Costa Coffee, the nation's favourite coffee shop, announced the launch of a first-of-its-kind trial store. Promising to deliver new coffee experiences in a stylish environment, Costa is ramping up its efforts to share its perpetual passion for coffee with customers. In a first for its UK high street stores, the new Costa will offer a selection of alcoholic drinks to complement its food and drink range in the evenings.