Will you dare to compare with Squeaky Bean's plant-based picnic food?

NEW Dinky pastries to sandwich slices are on offer at Tesco; same taste, same texture, now better value. While 70% of Brits are looking to go on more picnics this year, a whopping three quarters (76%)* of us are interested in adding plant-based snacks to our alfresco dining experiences. 

For plant-based picnic food, Squeaky Bean has got you covered, making switching to plant-based this picnic season, tastier and more convenient than ever. From a handy NEW Dinky pastry range – including BBQ Pork Style Rolls, Southern Fried Straws and Duck and Hoisin Style Bites – to sandwich slices including Beechwood Smoked Salmon, NYC Deli Pastrami and Applewood Ham Style Slices.

Everything is ready to eat, making it even easier to pack and because the plant-based versions pack the same flavour and texture as the usual meaty counterparts, Squeaky Bean is challenging the nation to compare its tasty picnic offerings, as part of its new 'Dare to Compare' campaign.

  • NEW Squeaky Bean Dinky range, including BBQ Pork Style Rolls (180g), Southern Fried Straws (180g) and Duck and Hoisin Style Bites (180g): RRP £3.00 each, are available in selected Tesco stores and online.
  • NEW BBQ Pork Style Rolls are a real crowd pleaser to pack for a picnic. Deliciously light puff pastry stuffed with Squeaky Bean pork-style filling, then baked to perfection. Duck and Hoisin Bites are the ultimate savoury and sweet combination and Southern Fried Straws are coated in finger-lickingly good fried breadcrumbs.

The Dinky range is suitable for whoever's tucking in; from meat-eaters to meat reducers, vegetarians and those following a plant-based diet. Squeaky Bean Dinkys provide a source of fibre and are delicious eaten hot or cold, plus each Dinky comes in a handy, transportable and recyclable container.

While, 70%** of Brits say sandwiches remain their picnic food of choice, Squeaky Bean has a range of plant based slices, perfect as sandwich-fillers or open sandwich toppers.

  • Squeaky Bean Beechwood Smoked Salmon Style Slices (80g) are as sophisticated as smoked salmon; with the same silky-smooth texture and smokiness of flavour yet 100% plant based ingredients. Enjoy them on a Scandi-style open sandwich or in a bagel with cream cheese and pickles. A source of fibre, naturally low in saturated fat and only 68 kcals per 100g, these slices are perfect for all picnic goers.
  • Applewood Smoked Ham Style Slices (80g) are ready to eat ham style slices made with wheat and pea protein and coated with an Applewood Smoked Ham flavour seasoning. Smokey and savoury, a great alternative to deli ham for your next ham sandwich creation.
  • NYC Deli Pastrami Style Sandwich Slices (90g). These moorish slices are so good you'll want to tuck in, straight from the pack. Perfect in a classic Reuben style sandwich with vegan cheese and tart pickles. High in protein and low in fat, a sandwich filler that won't disappoint.

Squeaky Bean has plant-based picnics all packed up. Pack a delicious plant-based picnic with Squeaky Bean, on offer now: Tesco, Clubcard 3 for 2 until 15th July.

For more information visit Squeakybean.co.uk #DareToCompare

*source: Vypr May 24, 515 respondents

** source: Vypr May 24, 333 respondents