As members of Birmingham Faith Leaders’ Group – comprising of leaders from the city’s six major faith communities, who have met regularly for more than twelve years, to mould and develop mutual trust, fellowship and understanding – we share the pain and bewilderment of faith communities in Leicester following violence and unrest in parts of your city. We stand in unity with the communities of Leicester in condemning violence in the name of one’s faith.


It is our desire in Birmingham, as we are sure it is yours in Leicester, that we move forward in harmony, welcoming and rejoicing in the diversity of our faith communities. Together let us relish our unity and respect, and value the various expressions of faith, recognising the wealth of service offered to the wider community through our care and support services, as well as our religious practices.

When we speak the language of faith to one another, we help to build understanding, we learn to create opportunities for forgiveness and reconciliation, and we hear and pay attention to the voices of reason and creativity, over and above those of destruction and division.