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Introducing Sriracha Chilli and original Mac N'cheese, Pots of Oozy, Gooey Pasta Deliciousness from Kabuto Listed Nationwide by Tesco.

Stir up the store cupboard with brand new Kabuto Mac n'Cheese pasta pots. Bursting onto the shelves this spring at Tesco includes scorching Sriracha Chilli and creamy, oozy original variations to tantalise the tastebuds and take you on a fun, fusion flavour journey - rolling out in Tesco stores now. The first ever pasta meals from Kabuto, (normally known for 'posh pot noodles') are easy peasy cheesy pots of goodness, perfect for Mac n'Cheese obsessives and busy people who want a quick meal packed to the brim with taste.

Farmers in St Thomas have called for more work to be done in the sector to explore and take full advantage of the coconut palm’s (Cocos nucifera) versatile nature. Characterised as a “golden” plant by members of the Kanga Gully Farmers Group in Nutts River, the coconut tree and nut are said to have properties that can be used to make a variety of items that the industry has not yet tapped into.

The 26-member group was engaged in a training session held at Rainford Heslop’s Holdings where Danavan Pryce, an agronomist at Newport-Fersan Jamaica Limited, informed them of best practices to execute on their farms.

An Israeli company announced that it has developed a 3D printed grouper fish fillet from stem cells, which are then processed via bioprinting technology into a fish-like shape.

Stakeholder Foods, in conjunction with Umami Meats, has created a method of 3D bioprinting your very own ‘fresh’ fish, which, it says, mimics the taste and texture of natural fish and will be ready for cooking immediately. According to the company, new product could hit the supermarket shelves later this year.

Approximately 7 years ago (2016), South African wines were removed from the wine shops in Nordic countries. The reason?

South African workers in the wine sector were fighting against poor working conditions for farm workers at several vineyards in the country and the wine retailers were supporting their actions. According to the Human Rights Watch (HRW), wine and fruit farm workers in South Africa live in on-site housing unfit for occupancy, are exposed to pesticides without appropriate safety equipment, have limited (if any) access to toilets or drinking water while working and have many barriers to representation by unions.

How well do you know the national anthem? Revolución de Cuba, the Cuban-inspired bar and restaurant brand, is celebrating the King’s Coronation weekend by giving customers the chance to earn a free Pineapple Daiquiri, but there’s one catch.

Taking place across the entire Coronation weekend, Revolución de Cuba will be challenging customers to serenade bar staff with their very own rendition of ‘God Save the King’, and if they impress, they’ll be rewarded with a Pineapple Daiquiri on the house (while stocks last). Sing or hum, the choice is yours.

Celebrate Earth Day with Saint Lucia's Restaurant Week – on now until April 29, and explore the unique flavours of the island with its eclectic mix of African, American, European, Indian, and Caribbean cuisine. Enjoy the hearty provisions and stews of the rugged mountain villages and tantalizing seafood dishes of the renowned coastal areas, all while savouring healthy options and farm-to-table experiences.